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We are so happy that you are interested in joining the Messy Family Neighborhood.  Our enrollment will CLOSE June 19 so if you are interested, act now!   We will not open membership again till the fall.  This will enable us to have a stable group to work with, plus it will help build community among the other families who will be joining us. 

– Mike and Alicia

Member Site Features

    • When you join by clicking below, you will automatically get into the site and be able to set up your account, create your family profile, and start getting to know other couples on our forum. The neighborhood will not be fully activated, but you can come in and look around.  This is like our “moving in” phase.  Families are bringing in the moving vans, setting up their houses, and getting to know the neighbors.  
    • Once enrollment is closed, the fun begins!  We will start with a live Zoom session the evening of June 19th.  After that event, the site will be live and populated with more resources to support you and your family.   This is like our “Neighborhood Block Party”!  We will have some fun and show you around the neighborhood we have created for you.  
    • Smaller gatherings on “porches” at the “playground” and “around the fire pit” will be encouraged.  You will be able to virtually discuss issues and get to know other couples.  We will show up too and join in the conversation!
    • June 26th starts our first course – Messy Parenting 101.  This is our weekly neighborhood get together. These sessions will be offered every Friday night (but you can access them afterward as well) and they will alternate between 20 min workshops by us and Live Q&A.  
    • At any time you will be able to access curated podcasts and bonus worksheets and discussion guides for you.

Join the Neighborhood Today!

You can choose either Monthly or Annual payments. There is a discount applied when you choose the annual option (two months for free!).  Payments are securely processed with PayPal. You will be able to join the site until the end of the day on Friday June 19, 2020.

Enrollment Closed

We are not accepting new members at this point. You can join our waiting list to make sure you are among the first to hear when we will be opening it up again. JOIN WAITLIST