Catholic Couples Getaway

We are finalizing our second Getaway and want to know if you are interested in joining us. Our first one sold out and want to make sure those interested do not miss out!

Marriage is the part of our lives that often gets shortchanged. Too often we moms and dads are like ships passing in the night, lacking connection or passion. It doesn’t have to be this
way. Let us help you….
refresh your marriage, renew your vision, re-energize your family life!

Enjoy daily Mass, talks by Mike and Alicia Hernon, and fellowship with other Catholic couples at a restful, fun, and gorgeous all-inclusive resort getaway. 

– Mike and Alicia

Getaway Basics

    • We will have 3 and 4 night options at an all-inclusive resort
    • We will be traveling between February to April 2024 (waiting to confirm availability and pricing)
    • We will have daily mass and spiritual direction
    • Presentations on marriage and family by Mike and Alicia and a special guest to be announced later
    • Fellowship and fun with other amazing couples!

Interest Form

Please complete this form to let us know if you are interested or not in the 2024 Catholic Couples Getaway.

  • Perhaps you would be willing to donate to help sponsor a priest to join us, or perhaps a couple who serves the Church, in the military, or is financial unable to attend.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.