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    I’m so sorry Violeta.  I can’t imagine your pain right now.  We will pray for you, and I’m so glad you reached out.

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    That’s a great idea!  The military life is definitely its own beast and presents particular challenges.  We are happy to help and support however we can.

    We moved into our NJ home on June 29th.  So yeah…we kinda just got here.  We do have a nice community of neighbors and kiddos on our street–we chose to live on base this assignment because of the demands of my husband’s job.  Short commute and pretty much instant community.  We left a wonderful Catholic community in Williamsburg, VA though….so….we are now trying to build our Catholic community here which is obviously NOT ideal during a pandemic situation.  Needless to say, we are thankful for THIS messy family neighborhood where geography doesn’t matter 😉

    It’s a challenge finding OUR people after every move–but I’m praying for guidance and connection.  God answered!  When we were waiting for our house to become available, we lived in the temporary living facility (TLF).  We used to walk the nearby neighborhood in the evenings, and there was a home that had a picture of the Divine Mercy in the window.  I prayed that we would somehow meet that family.  And IT HAPPENED!  We only had a night or two left in the TLF, and as I was chatting with another family on their front lawn after a walk, the Divine Mercy family (as I call them) walked by.  I recognized one of their kids and just decided to ask, “Are you the family with Divine Mercy picture in your window?”  They got the biggest kick out of the fact that I prayed to meet them!  Their daughter is going to babysit for us tomorrow night!  WOOT WOOT!  So, it’s a start.  God has put three words on my heart during our time in NJ:  Mission (especially in our own homes), Witness, and Desert.

    We can just picture the camping story–thanks for sharing, haha.  Eric and I were laughing at that one!  We aren’t hard core campers…but we do enjoy the outdoors and like to give our kids the experience–especially if we camp with other crazy camping families.  Memories indeed 🙂

    “See” you all Friday night!


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    Hi Maura and Doman family!  It was neat running into you at the Shrine after Mass that one Sunday afternoon–outside the cafeteria.  Small world. 🙂

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    Great idea Julia!  We don’t have nappers right now…but soon we will once again.  Even a family quiet time can be a good thing….again, that  doesn’t happen on the weekends for us right now unless I sneak away for a nap.

    For us, we move a lot.  So, I try and find a sitter from a Catholic family ASAP.  And then once a month at least (once every two weeks is best I think), we get our sitter on the books for a Friday night, early dinner.  We still like to tuck our kids in….but I don’t want to deal with dinner and bath time routines.  We did not always make it a priority (i wish we would have)….but since the kids are older now and stay up later, we make it a priority now!  When baby number 5 comes in Nov, it will be interesting to see how we juggle it all with the nursing etc.  But we know to make it a priority now! 🙂  I will say Eric and I look forward to Saturday morning coffee/breakfast together after he makes pancakes/bacon for everyone and they run off to play their coveted once a week Minecraft video game time together.  A type of quiet time, hahaha.

    Our first date after moving to NJ is this Friday!  WOOT WOOT!  God totally provided the sitter.  It was really neat how it all came together.

    Enjoy those Saturday afternoons 🙂

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    We will keep you (and this Forum) in our prayers.

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    Hi Alicia (and neighborhood)!  The very first word that came to my mind is routines.  For example, if my kids do not empty the dishwasher BEFORE they eat breakfast, it can really set me back.  Seems like such a simple thing, but focusing on routines can really help us scatterbrained moms!  The next word that comes to mind is priorities.  There are only so many hours in a day.  No one can do it ALL.  So, looking at the schedule and current family dynamic can help mom (couples) prioritize which directions they are being pulled.  There are some directions I am more willing to be pulled than others.  Can’t wait to chat more!

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