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      Michael Hernon

      Last weekend we got together some of the families in our neighborhood to watch Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. It was so much fun with popcorn, all the kids, and we did it outside with a projector and a screen.  It was a great to celebrate the last weekend of summer before school started. Our family loves movies and we are always looking for recommendations to add to our watch list.

      Can you reply with your family favorites or some new additions? Looking for whole family, teenager up, even more mature, but please let us know which is which.  Thanks!

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      April Lucas

      We love instant family.

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      Vinh Tran

      We watched “Babe” with our kids and their cousins.

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      Julia Wright

      We love the Marvel movies, but only with our older kids.  It was our quarantine tradition.  We’d put the littles to bed and on most Fridays we would watch one of the Marvel movies. So much fun!

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      Leandro Dasilva

      We recently watched The Gameplan (2007) with the kids, along with Magic Camp. Both are on Disney Plus.

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      Rich Stein

      We have a tradition of Friday evening picnic dinners with the kids. We have shown them a lot of musicals like singing in the rain, sound of music, and Rodgers and Hammerstein Cinderella. Also Disney+ has tons of old movies like Herbie or Honey I Shrunk the kids that the kids enjoy.

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      Juliet Ude

      We loved Daddy’sday care,life is beautiful, the boy in stripes(though has a sad ending ).


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      Stephanie Leddy

      We have a 3 year old so are FIRMLY in the Disney Princess stage of life….lately Moana and Tangled have been cycling on repeat at our house. The live-action version of the Jungle Book has also become a favorite. She really enjoys it and we think it’s a better movie (from a plot/cinematography perspective) than the original.

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