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      Alicia Hernon

      I thought it may be a good idea to start a private discussion with just the ladies on this topic.  Were there any questions you all had that were not answered?  Is there any clarification needed?

      I literally went back and listened to the show again and took notes.  I am not kidding.  The way that Byron and Francine explain the couple relationship and the broad principles that they are able to articulate are so helpful!  If you have not hear the talk, please listen in!

      Ladies, what are your thoughts?

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      Laureen Fish

      It was so interesting to hear how we place  sex in a leisure category, and then it only occurs when all your ducks are in a row (well rested, good mood, clean house, etc.).  The stars are never aligned for me 🤣

      It was fruitful to hear that sex be just some leisure activity but it is actually a form of communication for a couple!

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      Lori & Billy Miller

      We were completely blown away. We feel these conversations can become way too philosophical or too graphic for our taste. We know the Catholic “cookie cutter” answers that TOB and Love&responsibility provide. When we sat down for that talk we weren’t expecting much or to hear anything different. After the zoom we sat up for 2 hours unpacking what really stuck out to us. We’ve been married 7 years and we’re hitting that point where we’ve both formed bad habits and stuck to them not realizing we were hurting the other. We felt like the Pirolas talk really catapulted is to the deeper level we’ve been looking for to heal some of those parts. We also just need to laugh more as a couple and this talk had us rolling, we thought they were refreshingly honest in a really funny way we could identify with.

      The part where they they discussed skin to skin and compared it to the Eucharist I thought was really profound. And as an L&D nurse we do skin to skin all the time w/moms and newborns. So thinking about that in the context of the Eucharist as well-It’s only inevitable that our marriage needs that kind of intimacy too! I was wondering when they started that in their marriage b/c for us it would be hard to find that kind of time. When Byron said “15-20minutes, just make that space” Billy’s response was “20min?!?! Who has that kind of time to lay around naked”. Though in talking about it later he saw the beauty in it all as well.

      Another point towards the end was the discussion of family planning. I am so happy you all brought up that unity with God in those decisions even when it’s hard. The ensuing discussion of where that fear comes from because it can’t be from the Lord. The prayer of “let my heart be in union with yours” (agony in the Garden) was so impactful in our later conversation as a couple. And this discussion/the podcast in general has been really good about increasing our prayer life to making our hearts seek Gods will, and then MAKING A DECISION. So many times we get stuck in discernment that we forget God can bless any decision we make when we’ve placed Him at the center. And so that simple prayer of “let our will be your will” is really just the driving force of the podcast and this particular discussion on intimacy and we kind of have lost sight of that so it was really good to bring it back to the forefront.

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