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      Kelly Groesbeck


      We are Lance and Kelly Groesbeck and are happy to be here! We are about to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We met as interim youth ministers at our parish and were married a year and half later. We have five children aged (almost) 13 to (almost) 1…we’re about to enter what I call “birthday season” at our house! Our kids are Naomi (12), Peter (10), Ephraim (8), Nina (5) and Marija (11 mos). We live in Washington state just north of Seattle.

      I was a stay at home mom for nine years beginning when our oldest was born. After that time I took a position teaching middle school religion (which was my job before kids too) at our parish school where the kids attended. This past year was our last year there as we are transitioning to home school (except for the kindergartner, maybe). We will mostly use Mother of Divine Grace but also are joining a ELA co-op with a good friend who has home schooled for years. My passions are in teaching the faith, especially Theology of the Body which I was able to bring to our parish school for grades K-8. I remain the Director of Sacramental Prep for Youth at our parish. I strive to bring the celebration and living of the faith into our home always. Sometimes that is harder than it sounds!

      My husband teaches Career and Tech Ed classes (mostly engineering, manufacturing, and robotics) at a nearby public high school. Engaging the culture of public education as a faithful Catholic is a continuously challenging journey. He works to intentionally engage his faith by participating in a men’s group at our parish and in our weekly community discipleship night (which is currently on hold- COVID).

      I love reading about all the game playing families on here- our kids love games and I love suggestions that lots of ages can play. We also love to read. Eight weeks ago we got our second flock of chickens (after not having any for a couple of years). My husband has been working hard at remodeling our coop as we’ve got twice as many as we used to. They should be moving out of our garage today! We enjoy good meals with family and friends.

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      Anita Moffett

      I am starting my second year as a middle school teacher this fall and will be adding religion to my classes as I trade out math (thank goodness)! Any tips for this newbie?

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      Ann Best

      Welcome to homeschooling, Kelly! I’m so excited that you have a passion for teaching about Theology of the Body – I would love any tips you have on how to go about that. Our children participate in our parish’s Good Shepherd program but I’d like to do a bit more with them at home to reinforce TOB. It sounds like you and Lance are very involved; I admire your energy!

      I have found that being part of a homeschooling co-op brings me some much needed accountability (I tend to drift a bit some days – whoops!) and a lot of emotional support and practical advice. Wishing you well in your journey and if you ever want to talk about the ins and outs and ups and downs of your journey, I’m definitely up for it. 🙂

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