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      Alicia Hernon

      This is a concept that I would love to hear your thoughts on.  Its something that we heard early on in our marriage that really served us and our communication.  When we talk about it, I always wonder if this impacts other couples the way it impacted us.  Could you share your thoughts?  Is this something that we need to clarify?  How have you lived this out?

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      This is definitely something I want to incorporate with my future spouse. At the end of the day we should be a team. Even having different thoughts knowing that no matter the decision that was made it was made together and adjusted together if needed. No need for pointing fingers because that will just separate the family verses uniting the two become one foundation in marriage.

      Obviously, easier said than done- so I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts no matter where you are in the concept. 

      Does it work? What has helped? Where have you see struggles to get there?

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