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      Sandra Sturgeon

      Hi all! Our family is based in the greater Nashville area, though we are transplants — my husband Nick is from all over (San Francisco Bay Area, St. Louis, Singapore, and Illinois, to name a few), and I grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago. Nick and I have been married for 6 years now, and we have two wonderful daughters (ages 4 and 17 months). Nick works in benefits enrollment while I have been happily staying at home with our girls since spring 2017, and I’m currently homeschooling our oldest, mainly with the Mother of Divine Grace curriculum.

      We met 10 & 1/2 years ago at DePaul University while Nick was studying video game design and I was studying television production — clearly not where we ended up in life, and that is 100% OK by us! I had fallen away from the church at the time, but his consistency and strong foundation in the faith brought me back full-force! Ten years later our love of Catholic tradition led our family to the Latin mass, which we now attend full-time. It is our family mission to catechize our children with both a strong knowledge and love of our Catholic faith, something that I especially did not receive growing up.

      A few other quick fun-facts: we have 3 cats; our next-door neighbors are cows (really!); we enjoy card, board, war, & video games; we like hosting people for game days & dinner parties; Nick & I love to cook, and I love bread baking; and we are big sci-fi/fantasy fans.

      So glad to join y’all here!

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      Albert Jaucian

      Thats great Sandra. What is your cooking specilaty?

      I love the way you guys say “y’all”… we definitely need to bring that to Australia!

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      Ashlee Lally

      Hey ya’ll! I grew up in Atlanta and Texas- so nice to hear some southern twang again! You were – you do stay busy! We’re getting back into board games- right now we’re loving Catan (spelling?) and with lockdown, lots of virtual Jack Box games with family abroad.

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      Alicia Hernon

      Ashlee, its so funny you say that because we are back into Settlers of Cataan as well! I haven’t played for years, but Covid broke me down. My son just told us about Jack Box games! What a great way to keep in touch. I need to try that out soon.

      Sandra – thanks so much for the introduction. What a great story about your “reversion” and your marriage. So beautiful. I have heard from so many parents who are passionate about passing on the faith particularly because that is what they did not receive at home. Isn’t it beautiful how God can use everything for the good? I look forward to hearing from you guys more!

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      Amanda Engerer

      I’m right there with you when it comes to being passionate about passing on the strong knowledge and love of the Catholic faith and starting form scratch because I did not receive it myself growing up!
      What kinds of games do you play when you have people over for game days? Board games? Or cards? Or pictionary type stuff? Jeff and I love Euro Style games. We have quite the collection. Our favorite are Agricola, La Havre, Charterstone, Indian Summer, Kingdom builders, Carcasonne, oh my I could go on and on lol

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      Anita Moffett

      I am so glad to know we are not the only “farm life” family. We were home so much during quarantine our cows got spoiled and we’re much more like pets thank farm animals! We too are focusing on truly on a fully family approach different from the way we we’re brought up so its great to see so many other parents striving for the same thing.

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      Emily Resch

      Hello from another sci-fi/fantasy and game loving family. Our oldest is 8 and at the point where she can play a number of our favorites, so it’s been a fun new stage.

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