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      Alicia Hernon

      Hello friends! Obviously, you all know who we are 🙂 but we thought you could use our post as an example of what you can do to introduce yourselves to each other. Each family can create their own topic with their last name in the topic title so these can easily be found later and it makes it easy to catch up as people join. You can include what ever information you would like to share in your post. I know some people may share more freely and others less – that’s ok! Just post what ever you are comfortable saying. Anything that will help make connections with others would be nice to include.

      So Mike and I have been married 26 years and have 10 kids. Our oldest 2 are married with children. We have 2 granddaughters and one little grandson who was just born May 4th. We have 3 children in college – one at Benedictine in KS and 2 at Franciscan University. Two of our sons attend the local Catholic junior high and the youngest 3 are in Montessori school. Our youngest is just about 8 so life looks very different than it did 5 years ago!

      Mike and I both graduated from FUS in 1994 and have lived in Steubenville ever since. Mike’s background is in politics and business consulting and I have spend the last 25 years teaching young children in some form or another – usually music. We are not currently homeschooling, but we did homeschool for 20 years. Not all the kids at once but some here and there. We always had someone at home!

      Our family has 2 dogs, a cat and a changing number of chickens (if you have ever had chickens you know what I mean). We love playing games, making music, throwing parties, hosting families, and working in the garden. Ok – actually the garden part is just me! We are excited to meet the new families on this site and we look forward to working with you!

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      Monica Poole

      Hello! I am excited about the group!

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      Patrick Sharkey

      Hi Alicia! Thanks for Starting this site and thank you for your ministry. My wife Andrea and I are so excited. God Bless you and your family.

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      Sandra Sturgeon

      Thank you so much for this awesome, unique opportunity Alicia (& Mike of course)! Excited to meet everyone!

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      Lisa Wirth

      Thanks so much for this awesome ministry! We’re hoping to catch you guys in Columbus in the near future! (We were looking forward to the Worthington event right before the pandemic)

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      Alison Robak

      So blessed by your ministry! You have great wisdom and insight, thank you for sharing all you’ve learned!

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      Lisa Baird

      Thank you so much for serving families and providing such a wonderful ministry for families. The support is awesome!!! Congrats on your new grandchild. What a blessing!!! I love your voice too and listening to your CD! 😊

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      Leandro Dasilva

      Thank you for creating this site. We look forward to meeting other families. I saw your comment about chickens. We recently started with backyard chickens. It’s a lot of fun. The kids love them.

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      Alicia Hernon

      Thanks everyone for the excitement and encouragement! sorry we were off line over the weekend. We had family visiting and we sent our 2 boys off to Catholic Youth Summer camp outside Columbus. It is so fun going through and meeting you all! Can’t wait till Friday!

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      Alicia Hernon

      Leandro – we love our chickens! We have been through several flocks throughout the years. It seems every fall the wild animals get super hungry and all ours get eaten. Then in the spring we buy some more and start again. Hopefully this year we can make it through the winter with the same group!

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      Anita Moffett

      Thank you for being our “founders” We are so looking forward to seeing you at Holy Family Fest!

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