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      Hey Everyone! Nice to “meet” you. My name is Matt Franz and my wife is Emily. I’ll be honest, I’m really excited to be a part of the Messy Parenting Neighborhood, and wanted to be one of the first people to contribute to the thread. It looks like we’re the 3rd family to post. I can accept that. A bronze medal means you’re on the podium.

      Emily and I have been married 7 years and live in Cary, IL. We have 3 boys with another child on the way! Our boys are 5, 4, and 2. Time to embrace the mini-van life!
      Along with holding down the fort during the day, Emily makes a great homeschool teacher.

      By day, I’m a marketing manager for a Catholic ministry, by night a kettlebell and intermittent fasting coach.
      Emily and I don’t have any pets at the moment, but we are very interested in the concept of homesteading, which might include some chickens in the near-ish future.

      We’re really looking forward to meeting other Catholic couples and being members of this community!

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      Patrick Sharkey

      Hi Matt, well you beat us. I’m not sure what the medal is for sixth place, probably tin, but I’m pleased to “meet” you. Congratulations, pm the little one on the way! God Bless

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      Sandra Sturgeon

      Hi Matt, sending more congratulations your way! Small world by the way, my husband has family from Cary!

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      Lisa Wirth

      Congratulations on your growing family! Solidarity from a fellow parent of 3 young boys 😜

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      Tanya Castellino

      Hi Matt and Emily! congrats on your pregnancy! Lovely family you have there =)

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      Alicia Hernon

      Matt – I think the first two families were us and my brother Paul’s family – so I guess you could say you were the first “organic” post on this forum!

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      James Resch


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      Ann Best

      Congratulations! The minivan life isn’t so bad – although I must admit that I do miss my zippy little car from what feels like forever ago. 🙂 Great to meet another homeschooling family.

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      Stephanie Leddy

      We recently made the leap to minivan life (nothing makes your coworkers give you the crazy-person-side eye quite like buying a minivan online in the midst of a pandemic) and my only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner! I will await updates on any future homesteading adventures. I love the idea of homesteading, but it’s not gonna be in the cards for us…we moved into our “forever house” last year and our backyard is about 10 x 5, so there’s not much room to add chickens to the mix. Instead I will just live vicariously through others 🙂

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      Kelly Groesbeck

      Will love to hear more about your homesteading adventures. We just got our second flock of chickens… Bella (Bellatrix), Cissy (Narcissa), Ada Ivy, Sophie, Jade, Goldie, Luna…all named after my kids’ favorite book characters and precious gems/metals. Also, it appears Jade might actually be Mr. Jade😩. We’ll have some sad kids if he needs to be re-homed. But we will have not-sad neighbors😂!

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      Lori & Billy Miller

      We are avid homesteaders! I was surprised w how easy chickens were. We started them as chicks and had the kids handle them a ton and now they are the most mild mannered chickens. The gardening part is always a hit or miss with our kids. We have mostly girls (3 girls, 1 boy) so we grow a lot of flowers that they like. I would say with boys plant fruit trees bc they’ll love climbing them 😂

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      Anita Moffett

      Hello and congratulations! We too love our minivan and made the upgrade just before our 3rd was born. We live on the family farm and love to encourage others to try gardening and raising your own food! Its rewarding on so many levels!

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      Laureen Fish

      Haha, I was fearing the “minivan” life. I survived the minivan life for 2 years, and then I had to move on haha! I am a teacher by trade, but a freelance website designer and social media manager for various clients…I long for the day when I can add on a Catholic client 🙂 Nice to meet you-

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