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      Amanda Engerer


      Hi! We are the Engerers! (pronounced like Anger only with an E…and the second set of er is silent haha!) We live in the Mountains East of Albuquerque, NM but we both grew up in Ohio. (My Husband from the Akron/Cleveland area and me in a very small town 10 minutes from Steubenville! Alicia we should get together next time we come back to visit my family! hehe

      My name is Amanda and my husband Jeff and I have been married for 10 years and we have 3 kids (all 5 and under) Joanna, Clare and Phillip. My husband converted to Catholicism from protestant about 8 years ago and I’m a cradle Catholic. I’m so glad I found the Messy Family Project because aside from Mass on Sundays…my family growing up did not live out their Catholic Faith in any other way so I’m really just in the past few years learning about the richness of the faith and all the different devotions and how to teach/show it all to our kids….but there is SO much information out there now it’s overwhelming!

      I stay at home with the kids, but on the side I help run a ministry for Catholic Moms which my friend and I are considering bringing to other parishes by providing all the resources they need to get started! (we’ll see where the Holy Spirit guides us!) Anyway, I could talk about that forever, It’s one of my passions!
      My hobbies are learning about and taking care of my houseplants, baking bread, reading about our Catholic Faith and fostering community within my parish.

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      Amanda Engerer

      oh and I realized I forgot to mention (after reading someone elses intro) that Jeff and I love board games and I am determined to make our family a “family game night” type of family haha!

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      Ann Best

      Amanda, I can so relate! I remember attending Mass as a child and doing the once or twice a year reconciliation services but not much else. My mother was Catholic and my father Protestant; he was very supportive but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t raised as “Catholic” as I could have been. Our faith is so rich and beautiful and more than a little overwhelming when I try to figure out how to encourage my children to embrace the faith in ways that aren’t disconnected or confusing. At least we’re learning, right? So glad that you and your husband joined! And at some point, I might need to get some advice on how to keep houseplants alive. It would be nice to have at least one survive me.

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      Stephanie Leddy

      Amanda, your ministry for Catholic moms sounds intriguing! If you ever decide to formalize your resources and start sharing with other parishes, my ears will be open.

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      Anita Moffett

      I love to read on our faith too, I jumped on the bread baking trend during quarantine, do you do sourdough or have any tips or recipes you’d care to share?

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      Amanda Engerer

      Ann – I’m glad we are on this journey together! Also, houseplants become really easy once you get the watering and light right! Over-watering is the number one killer of houseplants hehe.

      Stephanie – You got it! We’re excited to officially launch the ministry, but we both keep having babies which takes a lot of energy from us! hahaha

      Anita – My husband is the sourdough expert, he is so good at it, he does all the fancy designs in the dough haha. I know he bakes it on a big pizza stone and keeps a steel bowl over it while it’s baking. I do a lot of french baguettes and Italian breads. I’d say one tip for that is not adding too much flour!

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      Alyssa Hetland

      Amanda it seems like you and I are in the same boat here! Growing up, my family was what some people call “Chreasters” only attending mass on Christmas and Easter….sad. And although we did all go to Catholic School my siblings and I really lost touch with our faith during college. It wasn’t until i met my husband, whose family is very involved with their faith and the church that I recently have found my way into the Catholic faith again. It truly does help to have a support team who are along the ride with you!! So happy to be a part of this “neighborhood”! Also, sourdough bread is my favorite and i’ve always wanted to learn how to make it. We have a baby on the way so we may have to put this hobby on hold for a little while so I will live vicariously through your bread making lol.

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