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      Maura Doman

      Hi “Neighbors” – Nice to meet you! My name is Maura Doman and my husband is Paul. My husband Paul is Alicia’s younger brother, so I like to claim we are the original “Messy Family Project” fans! We have been seeking Mike and Alicia’s parenting advice since our oldest (now almost 13) was born!

      We have been happily married for 14 years and have 6 kids. Our oldest is almost 13 and our youngest is 7 months old. We have 4 boys and 2 girls and they all have super fun and big personalities! My mother-in-law (Alicia and Paul’s mom) joked that she raised 10 Chiefs and no Indians…I think we are going down the same path!

      Paul has his own software engineering company and I am nurse who is taking some years off to care for my crazy crew. We live in Hyattsville, MD and send all the kids to our local Catholic school – St. Jerome Academy (which we love!). We have no pets, although the pressure is applied daily for a dog…I can’t imagine adding another life I need to sustain at this moment.

      Looking forward to hearing who else is in the “neighborhood!”

      ~ Maura Doman

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      Patrick Sharkey

      HI Maura, Thanks so much for your help pushing Mike and Alicia to start up this ministry! We are looking forward to getting to know you and the other member couples. God bless!

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      Sandra Sturgeon

      So awesome to meet some of the original project fans haha! Great to meet you Maura.

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      Maura Holowchak

      Hey Maura! I’m Maura too 🙂 There’s not that many of us. Glad to meet you virtually!

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      Kelly Groesbeck

      When you say “St. Jerome Academy” do you mean THE St. Jerome? The classical school whose model is being copied all over the country? If so…lucky you!

      We really wish we had a great classical Catholic school (especially as our oldest is nearing high school).

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        Alicia Hernon

        Kelly – YES! That is the school. I know. They are so lucky. In addition, Maura’s mom is the 2nd (or first?) grade teacher there! I am so glad that they have that as a resource (even though I am a tad jealous….)

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      Anita Moffett

      I am deeply appreciative that you we’re the pet project that started Messy Family! I love the way you described your chiefs and (lack of) indians. That has always been a favorite descriptor of mine since my beloved 3rd grade teacher used it!

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      Ann Best

      Around here, we have too many shepherd and not enough sheep! Our four all seem to have very… strong… opinions on everything. 🙂

      It must have been fantastic to have Mike and Alicia’s input from the beginning. I found their podcast several years ago and it was so helpful. I certainly felt less alone while trying to navigate this fascinating and at times daunting world of parenting.

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      Violeta Dasilva

      It’s so nice to hear you’re the original fans of the podcast. Thanks for talking Mike and Alicia into doing this. We’re Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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      Hi Maura and Doman family!  It was neat running into you at the Shrine after Mass that one Sunday afternoon–outside the cafeteria.  Small world. 🙂

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      Rich Stein

      I feel as though I am very late to the party but so glad to see familiar faces in the neighborhood. Paul and I were in high school together and your family and the smiles you both have broadcast a warm welcome to everyone you encounter.

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