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      Hi there! I am Marisa and live in Deerfield Beach, Florida with my daughter. I have never been married. My daughter, Logan is 3 years old and started preschool January 2020. Needless to say she had a short school year. She has a half brother Nathan who is 13 years old and lives with their dad. So I would like to say we have a blended family- working on discernment.

      I am a cradle-Catholic born in Richmond, Virginia. I attended Elementary/Middle School at St. Bernadette’s in Springfield, VA and St. Malachy’s Tamarac, FL. I went to Cardinal Gibbons HS in Fort Lauderdale, FL and graduated from Florida State University.

      I had a calling 5 years ago to teach Faith Formation. I love my students and taught them up to their Confirmation. Both Logan and Nathan have helped me teach my class showing their unique personalities. I’m excited to meet my new students next school year.

      I have worked in finance for 11 years. I started taking night classes for my CFP designation (Certified Financial Planning). Essential oils have help a lot with emotional support and glad I found YL when I did.

      Logan and I love to try new things, help others and go on adventures. Reminder to keep God alive and burning in our hearts. In nature during bike rides and walks. Playing with friends and offering assistance when we can.

      I’m excited to have open conversation with families who love God. Put God First & Lead with Love. M&L

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      Lisa Wirth

      Welcome Marisa! 😊

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      Sandra Sturgeon

      Nice to meet you Marissa! What a blessing to have the gift of being able to teach faith formation! It takes very special persons to catechize the next generation of Catholics! Good to have y’all here!

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      Lisa Baird

      Hi Marisa- it’s so nice to meet you! Thank you for sharing your time and teaching our children the faith. What a beautiful thing to do, and I am sure God will bless you richly for teaching our youth about God and our beautiful and rich Catholic faith.

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      Stephanie Leddy

      Hi Marisa – good luck on your journey to complete the CFP. That is a really intense undertaking! I enjoy my essential oils as well and keep my diffuser running almost all the time when I’m in my (home) office 🙂

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      Anita Moffett

      I am starting my second year of teaching in the fall and am gaining religion classes some of which will be confirmation prep so I am excited to “know” someone who has tackled that challenge. Our daughters are also similar ages, my Abby is very into anything artistic and doll related right now, what is Logan interested in?

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      Ann Best

      It’s so generous of you to give your time to guiding children through faith formation! I can’t tell you how much our family appreciates the catechists at our parish. Our children’s faith grows when they come in contact with others who value it like we do and it is such a blessing. Logan sounds like she enjoys adventuring – isn’t it wonderful to explore the world with our kids?

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