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      Alicia Hernon

      This is the place for those who have children in school this year – in seat, (with masks probably!) to share about how you are doing and how they are doing.  We have had kids in school off and on throughout the years, but this is the first year when ALL of my kids are in school so its a different world!  All our kids have to wear masks and social distance, but not much else has changed.  We have very few cases of Covid in our county so we are lucky for sure, though we are still being careful.  What is your situation?

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      April Lucas

      We were going to send our daughter (10yo) to an online Montessori school but didn’t get the scholarship we were hoping. We applied to a catholic school after not being able to keep her engaged and confident in e-learning. She’s been so happy. It’s hard for us as parents i think not being to physically protect our children from this. The school requires masks and every child must bring their own water bottle to fill through out the day. We have a wet bag and mini laundry basket for her when she gets home. We Lysol the shoes for school in the basket and all school clothes get washed separately from baby brothers clothes.

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      Vinh Tran

      All our kids are going to be doing online leaning. It’s the only option in our state (WA). Our kids are introverts so they are fine with it when all the schools switched to online leaning.

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      Tanya Castellino

      In Australia our kids all went back in masks required and the government have said no social distancing with students

      However come this month we seem to be having a lot of cases in schools! And my kids school just had a cluster which grew to about 25…made up of 11 students. Whereas in most schools here in Australia, the cases in schools don’t seem to have become a cluster

      However it could be because they asked ALL of the secondary school to get tested and hence they found so many cases

      Although our kids are in primary..we still all got tested

      The school did  remote learning for 2 weeks. So sending them back this week after that – I was nervous! However the school has been doing temp. checks for every child. highschool encouraged to wear masks but not junior schools but my kids have said many kids are

      So their school is being very careful and I feel safe in sending them

      But it did make me relate to what many of you may be feeling if your town has had a lot of cases!

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      Leandro Dasilva

      We have four kids in three different schools this year. Three children will start the year with virtual learning and will move into a hybrid schedule (two days in school and three virtual) once the weather is cooler. Since our schools are older, there is no air conditioning in most of them. Our school superintendent doesn’t want children in school if it’s hot. My other daughter will start the school year hybrid since her school does have air conditioning. School starts the second week of September for our school district in NJ.

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