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      Tanya Castellino

      Hi all! We are Tanya and Daryl Castellino from Sydney Australia
      We started listening to the podcast years ago and we were both were so excited to meet Mike and Alicia in 2019 when they came to Australia
      We have 4 kids on earth aged 3-9….our eldest Rebekah (9), Naomi (7), Joshua (5) and Leah (3).

      We have been married for 11 years…we met in our mid 20’s and after some dramas with parental consent (due to one of us being Sri Lankan and the other Indian) – God performed an absolute miracle and changed the heart of my parents to accept Daryl and have an amazingly joyful wedding. This did delay us getting married as soon as we had hoped but we are so glad we waited for their blessing which God brought about in a miraculous way.

      Daryl is passionate about Catholic education and works as an Assistant Principal here. He visited the states last year and is keen to bring Theology of the Body into schools.
      I use to be a teacher but after having kids developed my own business I could do from home, and also do a bit of social media/parent formation work for my husbands school

      We love being parents and going on this adventure of family life but we definitely have a lot to learn and a lot to improve on and are constantly relying on God’s grace as our children grow and evolve.

      We look forward to hanging out in this “neighbourhood” with you all =)

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      Alicia Hernon

      Tanya and Daryl!! How wonderful that you joined us on this site! We miss our Aussie friends so much. You have such an amazing country/continent :). I am so glad to hear that Daryl is continuing his passion for TOB and for getting it into the schools. It is so necessary and powerful in this day and age. I am thrilled to have you both as contributors and neighbors though we are an ocean away!

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      Albert Jaucian

      Great to have some Aussies here! Hope you guys are well. We should catch up soon (in person)..

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      Tanya Castellino

      Thanks Alicia! We are excited to be here and see this neighbourhood grow and can’t wait to learn a lot too =)

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      Tanya Castellino

      Thanks Albert! So good to have you guys here too bringing the aussie spin on things =)

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      Ann Best

      So glad that you are here! Sounds like you have an incredibly beautiful story and isn’t God amazing? He just makes the most gigantic mountains vanish. It’s great to meet another family of four – sounds like our kids are similar ages. We’re also learning every day from our own messy family and seeing where this journey leads us. 🙂 Looking forward to getting you know you!

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      Anita Moffett

      Hello~ I love the way you described your adventure of family life as its so fitting to the conversations we have! I can’t wait to learn from you too!

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      Tanya, Your story sounds amazing and a blessing, and it looks like you have a beautiful family now. So cool to have people from Australia here. Can’t wait to get to know you all.

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