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      Albert Jaucian

      Hi everyone, we are Albert and Stephanie Jaucian from Sydney, Australia and we are so excited to be here. We had such a great time hosting Mike and Alicia in Australia last year. We were so grateful they took the long flight half way across the world to come and visit us.

      Stephanie and I have been married for 12 years and have 7 children (5 boys, 2 girls). Our eldest, Nicholas will be 12 in December and our youngest are twins (Roseline and Jospeh) and they are almost 5 months old. In between we have Benedict 10yo, Dominic 8yo, Gabrielle 6yo, and Thomas 3yo. Stephanie and I met in high school although we didn’t start dating until university. Stephanie says the first recollection she has of me was at a mutual friend’s 16th birthday party where my ‘pick up line’ was ‘I only see women as the mothers of our children!’ Whilst it sounds like something I would say, I have no recollection of saying that.

      Stephanie is a primary school teacher and I am studying to be a lawyer whilst working in a suburban law firm – if all goes according to plan I am hoping to be qualified by March next year. In 2013, I was lucky to be able to go to a conference in New York for work. Of course I took Stephanie with me as we had both never been to the United States. We both loved it! We spent 6 nights in New York and 3 nights staying with friends in Washington DC. You have such a great country and we are itching to go back. Its wonderful to see so many of you from different parts of the States. I am very familiar with the geography of your country as I love watching the NFL, the NBA and the US Presidential elections.

      Anyway, we are very much looking forward to meeting all of you. Its great to be able to mix with couples that share the same values that we do. Thank you to Mike and Alicia for bringing all of this together.

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      Sandra Sturgeon

      Welcome Albert! That “first impression” story is so funny haha! Straight and to the point!

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      Ashlee Lally

      Hi Albert! Lovely to meet you and your family. We were praying for your country so strongly during the bushfires- I hope things are settling down! We’re in Scotland, and it seems everyone and their dog is moving from here to Australia these days! The sunshine and beaches are a definite pull. I’ve tried convincing my husband to follow our friends out your way, but he’s too Scottish to leave the rain!

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      Stephanie Carder

      Hi Albert! Tell your wife a fellow Stephanie says hello! 🙂

      Glad you are here and can’t wait to get to know you better!

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      Lisa Baird

      What a beautiful family!

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      Alicia Hernon

      Hello my friends!! I am so, so happy that you are joining our site so we can keep in touch with you in a more intentional way – and hopefully manage to see more pictures of your beautiful children!

      Everyone – when we were in Australia, we were able to spend the day with Albert and Steph’s family at a wildlife park where we saw wild kangaroos and then to the zoo to see the tame kangaroos and many other animals (though the Croc Show was memorable only because it was so sorely disappointing!). It was a wonderful day with some great kids. And Steph is the one who taught us how to correctly apply Vegemite to toast! Yes, folks. It’s a real thing!

      Looking forward to hearing more from you both!

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      Albert Jaucian

      Thanks everyone. Hopefully we’ll meet you at the block party. Stephanies are a gift to the world! At least for me anyway…

      Thanks for the prayers Ashlee. Yep all settled down but as we started to rebuild COVID-19 hit so I think it’s fair to say 2020 has been a challenge.

      Hahaha Well hopefully you can at least visit your friends in Australia (when our government opens up the borders again). If you’re in Sydney would be good to meet up. I’ve always wanted to go to Murrayfield stadium to watch the Wallabies v Scotland.

      Ahhh Alicia and we talked up the crocodile feeding too!

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      Stephanie Leddy

      I think Stephanie must be a popular name for us Messy Family moms!! We can start our own Messy Stephanie club 🙂

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      Anita Moffett

      Hello there! I traveled to Australia while in college and didn’t want to come home at the end of my 6 weeks and so want to take my family back until then having “friends” there will have to suffice! Our kiddos are the same age as your middle bunch!

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      Ann Best

      What a beautiful family you have! Our oldest is turning 9, so it’s nice to know others who have experienced those stages already. When Alicia mentioned that Stephanie taught her the correct way to use Vegemite it brought back a lot of memories for me. When I was about five, I was at a friend’s house and she offered me some toast and handed me a knife and a jar of Vegemite with no explanation other than to assure me that it was going to be delicious. I thought it was like jam! Let’s just say, I ended up doing it wrong. The next time I was at her house I must admit that I avoided both the Vegemite and the Marmite. 🙂 I had learned my lesson. Maybe some day…

      So glad that you and Stephanie were able to visit the States together. Hopefully you’ll be able to visit again!

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      Steph Jaucian

      Hi all! So great to be here, thanks Mike and Alicia for having us! I just wanted to check in to say hello between feeds and nappy (diaper?) changes. Very much in the survival zone right now, the sleep deprivation is real! I said I’d never have 3 under school age ever again but God has a very funny sense of humour! Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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