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      Matthew Foushee

      Is it possible that we could get the resources from the website in a documents library here in the neighborhood instead of having to submit in an email request every time we would like to obtain fresh documents?

      We are in our fourth year of doing the family board meeting. Thank you for developing the board meeting as it has been incredibly helpful to our family. The Sunday visitor world marriage day checklist was also very impactful.

      Comments: Unfortunately we have not been able to make a single neighborhood meeting as a couple and it’s been hard to gain additional value since joining.

      Also, I have a hard time understanding the marketing emails as they are not directed toward people who are members. It would be nice to know what is included with membership and not.

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      Michael Hernon

      Matthew – thanks for your comments and ideas!

      1. Sorry that you have not been able to make our live events. Would a different day or time help or any topic that would make that more valuable to you?
      2. Library of resources – totally agree!  We created the parenting toolkit with this in mind but didn’t add everything you mentioned.  Perhaps we did not make this more visible as it is only on bottom of site homepage. We can add more, so let us know. Here is the toolkit:
      3. Regarding emails and communications with members versus what is more general. I would love to understand this more.  We are hoping to launch a new forum for community engagement and might be an easy way for us to communicate and stay connected. The new forum/discussion package will allow weekly (or daily) digests of activity and discussions on the member site. This may help here, but would love to hear more and see if you or others have ideas.
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