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Michael Hernon

Matthew – thanks for your comments and ideas!

  1. Sorry that you have not been able to make our live events. Would a different day or time help or any topic that would make that more valuable to you?
  2. Library of resources – totally agree!  We created the parenting toolkit with this in mind but didn’t add everything you mentioned.  Perhaps we did not make this more visible as it is only on bottom of site homepage. We can add more, so let us know. Here is the toolkit:
  3. Regarding emails and communications with members versus what is more general. I would love to understand this more.  We are hoping to launch a new forum for community engagement and might be an easy way for us to communicate and stay connected. The new forum/discussion package will allow weekly (or daily) digests of activity and discussions on the member site. This may help here, but would love to hear more and see if you or others have ideas.