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Claire Zugec

Julia, that’s great you have kept such a great track record with the nap date times! That’s a great idea! We still attempt at-home-date nights, but are often too tired for it to last long or for us to be at our best selves. We’ll have to try out a different time of the day!

Marie, I agree it makes such a difference having some regular sitters (and therefore regular dates)! We just navigated some of that over the past year with having a few consistent sitters…though now trying to figure that out while still being in the midst of Covid-19 and still having limited contact with others. Congrats on #5 as well!! 😊

Just as an overall question for anyone who would like to chime in, how have any of you implemented quiet time once kiddos are no longer napping? Ours are all still nappers, but I know it will be really important for me to still have a little time in the afternoons so that I continue to survive as a Mom lol! Just curious what has worked for others.
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