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Juliet Ude

<p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi Alicia,thanks for reaching out.we have been hanging in there….I am from Houston Texas .it has been hectic since we entered our second wave .with the kids we have been doing a lot of board games,arts and craft ,painting on paper no canvas yet,I do ballet with youtube videos as a one to one with my daughter.we go on family bike rides daily .we tried online camp for my daughter storytime camp which she liked but the older boys didn’t like online camp so we gmhad go for one week camp but didn’t have the nerve to send them for a second one .Also for me and my husband ww started having weekly date nights ..i have the kids set up flowers and candles 🕯 for us before going upstairs and they totally love it.i see they like it and sometimes when we miss it they remind me that webhavent had date night this week…we also tried spa day as one of our datenight activity.</p>
I sometimes go on a solo drive or walk to keep sane too .I and my husband resumed daily mass which is so much relief.sometimes we go with the olderboys(2- 11yearolds and one 7 years old. The toddlers I feel bad leaving them at home.(i feel guilty about it).