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Alicia Hernon

Julia, I totally agree with you.  Sometimes just recognizing attacks of the Evil one for what they are is half the battle.  Evil has a hard time working in the light.  When we expose his works and empty promises then we can walk forward with confidence.  Remember, Satan only has the power that we give him in our lives.  If we sin, he can gain a foothold.  When we repent, and do good, he has no place in our hearts and has to leave.  I also found it interesting to learn that demons cannot know our thoughts.  They only read our faces, hear our words, and see our actions.  So when we are scared or upset, but keep a smile on our face and praise God with our words, he is given even less knowledge about our struggles and difficulties.  Demons can see the dominoes fall and can make predictions about our actions because of their superior intelligence, but they cannot predict thinks like generosity, self-sacrifice, and love.  Its easy to defeat their works when we are humble, do good, and stay close to Our Lord.

If others have questions or would like to share their experiences, please feel free!  Great topic.