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Lisa Baird

Hi –

Thank you for your first talk about parenting.  My husband and I really enjoyed listening to it.  I loved it when your husband said that God does not call us to do things that we can do, but instead calls us to turn to Him and surrender and think beyond our means.  This really spoke to my heart, because being a mom to our three children has pushed me beyond my abilities.  Julia’s needs were so sever for so long I could not see an end or improvement.  I was used to the control that if I study hard then you earn good grades.  Suddenly in the most important area of my life – my motherhood it did not matter how hard I worked to help Julia- God was not going to solve the problem anytime soon.  So many days I had to surrender everything and walk blindly into the future not knowing when the storm would end.  Luckily with amazing doctors and about ten different trails of medications- we got her to a place where our family could function.  It really was a miracle because a friend of mine went on a pilgrimage and she took a set of beads that Julia would use to twirl around for a sensory need and she placed the beads at the alter.  The day she was there was the day we started Julia on a medication where nine other ones had failed to help and she instantly was regulated and happy.  God did not take away the Autism, but He gave us relief and our family could function so much better.  Not long after that though things become harder for our youngest child and doctors recommended he go through the same psychological battery of tests to determine if he is on the spectrum.  It was so hard for Bill and I to understand because he presents so differently than Julia and is much higher functioning.  Anyways, God led us again to a wonderful doctor and Andrew also met the criteria to be on the spectrum.  They no longer give the diagnosis of Asperger, but if they did then that is how Andrew is like.  Once again I was so scared and depressed because I was not sure why God would give us such hope for Julia’s situation, but then so quickly set us out seeking answers for Andrew.  Anyway, this was a long way to say that I related to the statement about God asking us to accomplish things beyond our reach.  If is was not for our children with special needs then I would not have felt so incompetent to help them and literally came to the conclusion that I need to sufferer all of my disappointments and worry about the future over to God.