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Lisa Baird

Hi- God willing our family is planning on going to the 5th family fest at Catholic Family Land.  I believe that this will be our fifth or sixth year.  We always go to the fifth one.  All three of my children love it – especially my oldest (19) and youngest (14).  For Julia who is 17 but developmentally more like a 9 year old it has taken sometime to warm up.  However, the staff have been wonderful and helpful to get her involved.  My oldest was in the middle of being interviewed for the alumni core, but when COVID hit I was uncertain about the future and didn’t feel comfortable with her being away the entire summer.  Possibly another year.

Alicia- I don’t remember if you recall but we had a brief conversation one evening at CFL and I was telling you how hard raising my family has been and how hard it is for me to see other families who don’t have the challenges we do with our children and their special needs.  I do hope to be able to connect again this summer since you mentioned your plans to attend the 5th fest, and it would be wonderful if other families from this group would be there too.