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Leandro Dasilva

I have a similar relationship with male role models as Adam’s. I grew up being a huge pro-wrestling fan (still am), and when I was a kid I looked up to the Ultimate Warrior. He was tough, cool, had charisma. As I grew up, I realized he had his many faults and wasn’t a good role model at all. My father is and always has been a quiet, calm, good and loving man. Now that I am a father (of five children) I look back and remember how consistent my father was, how patient he was with me and my brother. I was a knucklehead growing up, getting into trouble at school, but my father was always there and kept me in check.

Now, as a father, I continue to look up to my dad, and also look up to St. Louis Martin and St. Joseph. St. Therese played a special part in bringing my wife and I together. My wife and I travelled to Lisieux after we were married. In the backyard of St. Therese’s home, there is a beautiful statue of her sitting next to her father as she pleaded with him to allow her to become a nun. St. Therese always described her father as a loving, gentle father. I want to be that for my children, always.