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Lisa Baird

Hi Ann- your post is so funny- you have a great sense of humor. I loved your idea of putting cookies on people’s front porch to encourage and live them during this time of social distancing. What a thoughtful thing to do and a great lesson of kindness for your children. You are such a creative mom- and I’m sure a great homeschool teacher! I was a stay at home mom for about 12 years and I miss not being able to listen to Catholic radio or EWTN as much as I used to because I’m working now. My connection to my faith really helped me during some really rough hard days while trying to understand Julia’s Autism. If I didn’t have the Catholic perspective of redemption suffering and offering it up to God I honestly don’t think I would of had the strength to get through what our family had experienced. It didn’t take the struggle away but it gave me the opportunity to see God working in our weakness. Blessings- Lisa