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Lisa Baird

Hi Claire- Your family has also traveled to some great places. We definitely stayed more local when our kids were younger and decided to take them cross country before they got to old and had sports/jobs to get in the way. The sights were breath taking, but it stressed my out as there are no guard rails and I was constantly afraid one of us would fall off of a cliff or run into a bear- LOL! Our family loves history so we wanted them to experience both nature and historical sites. On our one year anniversary, Bill and I drove cross country all of the way to California. We saw the Red Woods and regret that we never drove to Glacier National Park. If you are planning on staying at National Parks I think it helps to start making reservations about 5-6 months in advance as they fill up. We participated in as many park ranger programs as possible. I hope your family also will have the opportunity to camp and enjoy the beautiful parks…