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Patrick Sharkey

Hi Stephanie,
I’ll have to get my wife on here to comment on her experience. Our oldest is 4, so we are just dipping our toes into the water. We started her on the Seton preschool curriculum is already starting to read and seemed ready for structured learning. I know my wife likes Seton so far because all the lesson plans and materials are provided. Have you picked out a curriculum yet? We are pretty certain we’ll stick with Seton, but are not 100% locked in.

Great to meet another nature loving family. We just got back last week from Greyland beach State Park for our first camping trip of the season (most of the camp grounds in Washington have been shut down because of COVID. they just started opening in June.) It was great to get back out as a family. I especially loved the crisp morning sunrises. Have you all been out yet in 2020?