Family Board Meeting

Are you a family in search of a vision?
Do you need to get on the same page with your spouse?
Let us help you!

Every corporation or nonprofit has a board that meets to discuss goals, finances, and vision. Isn’t the family, created by God, more important than a company created by people? Isn’t it time that parents started to become intentional about their vision, goals, and strategies?

Webinar Recording on the Family Board Meeting.

Our mission is to empower parents, strengthen marriage and bring families to Christ. In our experience, one common obstacle for couples is money. And that was true in our marriage too!  Like many people, we dreaded discussing finances because it caused fights and made us feel fragile and defensive. Why does this happen?  Because money is a reflection of what we value and couples need to come to a place of unity on these priorities to run an effective and dynamic family.  We have developed an innovative way to approach setting financial priorities, but even more importantly, to make a family plan for the year and even beyond that.

We want to take your marriage and family to a whole new level.  This isn’t a marriage retreat, but it is a perfect starting place especially for those couples who may be on different pages regarding finances, faith, or parenting.  We can help you start these conversations productively and with unity as the goal! 

Course Dates:  5 Thursdays starting April 8, 2021 to May 6, 2021 8pm-9:30pm eastern

Final Day to Register: March 31, 2021

Here's what you will get!

  • Dedicated time for you and your spouse to talk about what matters most
  • 5 sessions that will result in a game plan for your family
  • An innovative process to a discern and develop a unified vision and focus for your family
  • A binder of professional materials to simplify and personalize the process (digital version available for overseas friends)
  • A private website with resources and forums for questions, support, and discussion
  • Group mentoring and interaction with Mike & Alicia to help you personally
  • And a connection with a special group of parents that will be journeying together

Registration Closed

Registration for the Family Board Meeting Workshop is now closed. We will be offering this workshop again in the near future. If interested, please join our waiting list and tell us when is best for your schedule.