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Calling all dads, your son needs you!

Thanks for your interest in my course for dads!

This is a course for dads who want to step up their game with their son or sons. Raising a son has always been tough, but boys are under attack today more than ever. The ordinary struggles, challenges, and perils that comes with raising boys are magnified by a multi-billion-dollar industry targeting our sons for porn addiction, a media that demeans and undermines the Catholic faith, and educators and culture leaders who treat masculinity as a disease or a psychosis. And too many dads feel frustrated, ill-equipped, or just unsure about stepping into their role of parenting pre-teen sons.

Although the material is applicable for all dads with sons, it is particularly helpful for those with sons between the ages of 9-12. As your son approaches the teen years, he will be entering into perilous times and he is going to need you now more than ever before! But in terms of parenting, this is a golden time of high adventure, and sons will need you to prepare them. Sometimes it might seem like there is a huge mountain ahead, one you’re not sure you and your son can climb, or if either of you have what it takes.

But I can tell you most assuredly what your son needs most: YOU. You do have what it takes, and your son needs you to invest time and energy into being the dad he needs.

Sign up for our Dads vs. Wild Course, developed and presented by Michael Hernon, co-founder of the Messy Family Project. This course is based on material I have used with my own sons, nephews, and many others to great success. I’m very excited to share this material with you.

This course will be offered for five nights from 8:45pm – 10:15pm EST Thursdays. Each week the course will be live, but I will record it and make it available for you to watch any time during the week. It is most ideal to attend the course in person but life happens and we need to be flexible. 🙂 The live sessions are for dads only and will always include a time for Q&A so I hope you can make that time to attend! Sign up early as materials will be limited.

Conversation on Raising Boys with Mike on Catholic Man Show

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